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ctfileid - Update File IDs

The Update File ID utility, ctfileid, provides a convenient and safe way to update the fileid parameter of the file header. See the section Copying Server Controlled Files in the FairCom DB Programmer's Reference Guide for details for when this may be necessary. The file is opened exclusively, ensuring that the server does not have it open.

Operational Model:

  • Client
  • Standalone

The syntax for this utility is shown below:

ctfileid file [-ioq] [-n <size>] [-t] [-s <svn>] [-u <uid>] [-p <upw>]

  • -i - Also update indexes related to data file.
  • -o - Force open of corrupted files (ctOPENCRPT).
  • -q - Quiet (do not output to stdout).
  • -t - Uses the PUTHDR() mode ctTIMEIDhdr to update only the time ID portion of the file ID.
  • -s <server name> - FairCom Server name.
  • -u <user ID> - User name.
  • -p <user password> - User password.

Note: ctfileid.c replaces the previous informal and undocumented utilities, updateid.c and newid.c.

Standalone Usage

An additional option is available to set the node size in standalone mode:

  • -n <size> - Set node size (standalone only).

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