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Removing the FairCom Server

When you no longer need the FairCom Server on a computer, you can easily remove it using the following steps.

  1. Stop the FairCom Server (see Stopping above).
  2. Save data files.
  3. On Windows, Remove the FairCom Windows Service.
  4. Delete the FairCom installation folder

Saving Data Files

All data files are in database folders inside <FairCom-Installation-Folder>\data. If you want to save any data, copy these folders to a safe location that is not inside the <FairCom-Installation-Folder>. The default database folder is named ctreeSQL and your data files will be in this folder unless you create additional databases.

Removing the FairCom Windows Service

If you wish to remove the FairCom Service from the list of installed Windows Services, the Microsoft general service controller utility, sc.exe, can be used. See the Microsoft website for information about using this command-line utility.