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V4 Changes


Existing c-tree V4 files require conversion to the updated FairCom DB format. The following steps outline this process.

  • Make a BACKUP of ALL OF YOUR FILES before you begin!
  • Convert your existing data files with the ctcv43 file conversion utility and set these converted files aside.
  • Use the ctexmc parameter file create utility to create empty data and index files from your existing parameter files. (We do this as the IFIL conversion will require a valid index file to be in place, even if empty.)
  • Copy in your newly converted data files overwriting the empty data files just created by ctexmc. (Leave the new empty index files in place.)
  • Convert your existing parameter files to IFIL structures with ctptoi parameter conversion utility. This utility will place an IFIL structure directly into the converted data files.
  • Rebuild your index files with the ctrbldif rebuild utility.
  • (Optional) Stamp a DODA structure (data schema) based on the ‘C’ structure definitions into your data file with the FairCom DB PutDODA() API call. The DODA makes available many higher level interfaces such as ODBC, c-treeDB, .NET and FairCom DB SQL.
  • Include the single FairCom DB ctreep.h header file in your application to replace the previous numerous c-tree headers:

#include "ctreep.h"