Caching and Data Integrity Recommendations

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When to Use PREIMG Files

The benefit of PREIMG is that it avoids the overhead associated with writing to and flushing the transaction logs. If atomicity is required for a file but recoverability is not, PREIMG may be an appropriate choice. Some specific cases in which PREIMG may be appropriate include:

  • Using TRNLOG data files and PREIMG indexes if you are willing to rebuild the indexes after an abnormal server termination.
  • Using PREIMG on files that can be re-created in the event of an abnormal server termination.

To minimize loss of unwritten cached PREIMG file updates in the event of an abnormal server termination, consider using WRITETHRU for PREIMG files or periodically calling the FairCom DB API function CtreeFlushFile() to flush PREIMG data and index cache pages to disk.