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New features in FairCom c-treeRTG V2


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 Field-proven, c-treeRTG is used day-after-day by major corporations to bring their legacy systems up to the latest standards of performance, stability, and data integrity.

c-treeRTG V2 delivers enhancements inspired by real-world experience with applications like yours.

c-treeRTG Unleashes the Value of Your Legacy Applications

c-treeRTG replaces COBOL and Btrieve file handling with an enterprise-class data management system. With ACID transactions, real-time backups, and automatic recovery, it improves the performance, reliability, and data integrity of your application. In addition, industry-standard SQL interfaces unlock your data to modern applications.

FairCom created c-treeRTG with three main goals in mind:

  • SQL Access - c-treeRTG unlocks your data with full read/write access through SQL and other relational interfaces—without affecting COBOL read/write access to the same data.
  • High Availability - ACID transactions, real-time backups, and automatic recovery, improve data availability, scalability, and data integrity.
  • Robust Data Management - c-treeRTG is a data-management system. It allows COBOL and Btrieve applications to leverage the acclaimed c-treeRTG database in a client/server configuration.

Connected Data. Countless Possibilities.

In the era of Big Data, integration of legacy systems has become an increasing pain point for companies. Many solutions help you collect and analyze new incoming data to get critical business insights. As important as it is, that data is only the tip of the iceberg. A valuable source of data lies beneath the surface.

Much of the world still runs systems built on COBOL and Btrieve. Over years of operation, these systems have amassed a wealth of data about your business. Data that could be turned into a competitive advantage if you could access it.

That data is isolated by the limited connectivity of those programming languages, making it extremely difficult for modern applications to access. SQL and other relational interfaces are needed to connect your data to modern analytical tools and business intelligence (BI) applications.

At FairCom, we understand this real-word scenario. The first version of c-treeRTG, in 2012, introduced technology that made it easy to get up-and-running and begin leveraging your data. It began as a revolutionary, “hands-off” approach that can be implemented with little or no changes to your application.

c-treeRTG V2: The Power of Connection

c-treeRTG V2 integrates with your legacy applications and connects them to the modern world. It empowers your applications in two ways:

  • Integration with Your Application

    c-treeRTG seamlessly replaces your file system with robust FairCom client/server technology, which has been proven in mission-critical installations around the world.

    This release integrates with your applications more tightly than ever. It updates your legacy application with increased stability, high availability, and scalability by adding ACID transactions, real-time backups, and automatic restores.

  • Integration with Other Applications

    c-treeRTG connects your data to the world of reporting and analytical applications through a set of relational SQL interfaces.

    This release provides greater SQL capabilities for more powerful integration with data. You can create SQL indices for COBOL data so you can better handle data that does not easily translate into the relational SQL model. And our BTRV product now makes SQL interfaces available for your Btrieve data.

This version of c-treeRTG delivers COBOL and BTRV solutions that are easy to get up-and-running and more powerful at delivering results. All while maintaining the core c-treeRTG commitment, by keeping it easy-to-use.

All your data is connected and brought into focus, available to return a 360-degree perspective for meaningful, actionable insight to business.

With connected data, the possibilities are countless.

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