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FairCom DB V12 Updates

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Welcome to FairCom DB V12

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FairCom DB V12 Updates




V12 Updates and Changes in the FairCom DB - the latest release of the c-treeACE Advanced Database Engine


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 Achieve hundreds of thousands of transactions per second on a single database server and scale to hundreds of servers

FairCom DB is ideal for large-scale, mission-critical, core-business applications that require performance, flexibility and capabilities that cannot be achieved by other databases.

Predictable high-velocity transactions are a hallmark of FairCom DB. It empowers developers with easy NoSQL APIs in their favorite programming languages to process structured binary data at machine speed using custom algorithms, and it provides ANSI SQL over the same binary data for easy queries, analytics, and integration with SQL tools. Further, it provides high-speed data replication to create massively scaled solutions with a Continuum of Control from ACID compliant to eventually consistent.

FairCom DB is a unified multimodel database that gives developers a Continuum of Control to achieve unprecedented performance and that is self-tuning for the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

You don’t conform to FairCom DB — FairCom DB conforms to you. Don’t be held back by limitations in other databases. Meet your business needs without compromise, with the lowest TCO.

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