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V11.5 Release Notes

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V11.5 Release Notes




V11.5 Updates and Changes to the c-treeACE Database Technology


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 This document lists the corrections we have implemented in this release. These changes are grouped by functional area. Be sure to review the Critical Fix Chapters, as follows:

Note, c-treeACE SQL Server users should review both the c-treeACE Server, and the c-treeACE SQL Server chapters, as well as FairCom Server and c-treeACE SQL.

We also recommend everyone review Notable Compatibility Changes.

You may have received some of these changes in a prior “interim” delivery. The best way to ensure that you get the latest set of changes is to update to this, our latest release.

V11.5 is packed with new features—from simple enhancements to major breakthroughs. The new and updated features are listed in the V11.5 Update Guide.