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Run the sql.php.pdo Tutorials with Linux/Unix Apache

FairCom DB PHP includes a set of tutorials intended for use with the PHP 7 PDO extension. To execute these tutorials, copy the tutorials files into a directory accessible to your web server (here we use the web server root directory) as shown below:

  1. Open a root shell and move to /var/www/ and copy the contents of the drivers/php.sql.pdo/tutorials/ directory under your c-tree installation directory:

    debian:~# cd /var/www/

    debian:/var/www# cp -v <faircom>/php.sql.pdo/tutorials/* .

    (You will need to adjust the path based on your installation directory.)

  2. Make sure FairCom DB SQL is running.
  3. Open your favorite web browser and connect to http://localhost/index.htm (make sure you are using a proper URL if you did not use the web server root directory). You should see the index.htm page with hyperlinks to the three tutorials to be executed:

  4. Click the tutorials hyperlinks to execute the tutorials: