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Define() establishes specific data definitions. This involves defining columns/fields and creating the tables/files with optional indexes.

Below is the code for Define():


// Define()


// Create the table for containing a list of existing customers


function Defines($ses) {

echo "<h4>DEFINE</h4>\n";

$qry = $ses->exec(

"CREATE TABLE custmast (

cm_custnumb CHAR(4),

cm_custzipc CHAR(9),

cm_custstat CHAR(2),

cm_custrtng CHAR(1),

cm_custname VARCHAR(47),

cm_custaddr VARCHAR(47),

cm_custcity VARCHAR(47))");

if (!$qry)

Handle_Error($ses, "exec(CREATE TABLE)");

$qry = $ses->exec(

"CREATE UNIQUE INDEX cm_custnumb_idx ON custmast (cm_custnumb)");

if (!$qry)

Handle_Error($ses, "exec(CREATE INDEX)");