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FairCom ISAM API for C

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First we need to open a connection to a database by providing the FairCom Database Engine with a user name, password and the database name.

Below is the code for Initialize():


* Initialize()


* Perform the minimum requirement of logging onto the c-tree Server



VOID Initialize(VOID)


VOID Initialize()



#ifdef ctThrds

NINT retval;



#ifdef ctThrds

/* initialize c-tree multi-thread environment */

if ((retval = ctThrdInit(3, 0L, NULL)) != 0)

Handle_Error("Initialize(): ctThrdInit()", retval);


/* initialize c-tree and log on to c-tree Server */

printf("\tLogon to server...\n");

if (InitISAMXtd(16, 16, 16, 16, 0, "", "", "FAIRCOMS"))

Handle_Error("Initialize(): InitISAMXtd()", 0);