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Replication Extensions Tutorial


This document describes using the Replication Extension Library with the original Replication Agent. The Extension Library can be also used with the newer Replication Manager. Contact FairCom for procedures.

FairCom replication allows high availability and disaster recovery across distributed server environments. As replication transfers data from server to server, it is possible to intercept this operation for advanced data processing using callbacks. This processing can include:

  • conflict detection and resolution
  • data transformation
  • filtering
  • redirecting data updates
  • replicating to third-party databases

This capability is provided by Replication User-Defined Extensions, an extensive set of callbacks within the Replication Agent process. More than two dozen events can trigger custom callback actions. Callbacks are called when certain predefined events occur.

This feature allows a software developer to customize the FairCom replication's behavior to support capabilities beyond replication.

FairCom provides a tutorial that demonstrates one possible use of the User-Defined Extensions for replication by providing detailed logging of the replication subsystem. The tutorial is located in:


To learn more about Replication Extensions and try the tutorial, see User-Defined Extensions for Replication.