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Search Conditions

A search condition specifies a condition that is true or false about a given row or group of rows. Query expressions and UPDATE statements can specify a search condition. The search condition restricts the number of rows in the result table for the query expression or UPDATE statement.

Search conditions contain one or more predicates. The predicates that can be part of a search condition are described in the following subsections.


search_condition ::

[NOT] predicate

[ { AND | OR } { predicate | ( search_condition ) } ]

predicate ::


| quantified_predicate

| between_predicate

| null_predicate

| like_predicate

| contains_predicate

| exists_predicate

| in_predicate

| outer_join_predicate

| fulltext_predicate

In This Section

Logical Operators: OR, AND, NOT

Relational Operators

Basic Predicate

Quantified Predicate

BETWEEN Predicate

NULL Predicate

LIKE Predicate

CONTAINS Predicate

EXISTS Predicate

IN Predicate

Outer Join Predicate

Full Text Predicate