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Delimited Identifiers

Delimited identifiers are FairCom DB SQL identifiers enclosed in double quotation marks (""). Enclosing a name in double quotation marks, by default, preserves the case of the name and allows it to be a reserved word and special characters. (Special characters are any characters other than letters, digits, or the underscore character.) Subsequent references to a delimited identifier must also use enclosing double quotation marks. To include a double-quotation-mark character in a delimited identifier, precede it with another double quotation mark.

The following FairCom DB SQL example shows several ways to create and refer to delimited identifiers:

CREATE TABLE "delimited ids"

( """" CHAR(10),

"_uscore" CHAR(10),

"""quote" CHAR(10),

" space" CHAR(10) );

INSERT INTO "delimited ids" ("""") VALUES('text string');

1 record inserted.

SELECT * FROM "delimited ids";


- ------- ------ ------

text string

1 record selected