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Enables logging of start and end times for statements PREPARE, EXECUTE and OPEN.

Behavior Change: In V11.5 and later, the output of SQL_DEBUG LOG_STMT_TIMES has been modified to add the time spent adding, sorting, and retrieving rows into a temp or a sort table. This information will help in understanding how time is distributed during an update statement.

The "time" is precise on the insert, sort, end_insert, and fetch operations occurring on temp/sort tables. It does not account for the time spent operating on other storage engines.

The output (if a temporary table is involved and timed) is now of the following form where the "tmptbl" value is the time in milliseconds spent in temporary tables:

id:%05d ms:%06d tmptbl:%06d op:%s

This modification changes the output format of SQL_DEBUG LOG_STMT_TIMES.


Behavior Change

In V11.6 and later, the statement logging output produced by this configuration keyword has been changed to be in one line in JSON format and to include extra information such as the timestamp, the user, and the IP address of the client making the request.

For example:

{"timestamp":"Fri Aug 24 11:56:24 2018","ipaddr":"::ffff:","db":"CTREESQL","user":"admin","thread":23,"operation":"OPEN","exectime":7,"tmptime":2,"statement":"select * from syscolumns order by width "}

In addition, SQL_DEBUG LOG_STMT_TIMES has been modified so that it does not log the parameter value of a parameterized string.

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