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Allows FairCom DB SQL CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE commands to use the $DELFLD$ size that was in effect prior to V9.5:


In FairCom DB SQL V9.5 the c-treeDB API $DELFLD$ size changed from 4 bytes (or 5 in case of non-HUGE files) to 9 bytes. This change required any C structures describing the record to be changed.

Any table created when this keyword is specified in the ctsrvr.cfg will have the 4-byte $DELFLD$ used in earlier releases.

Any table created or altered in structure using ALTER TABLE while SQL_OPTION OLD_DELFLD_LEN is in effect will have the $DELFLD$ set to 4 bytes regardless of the size of the original table.

At the c-treeDB API level, the ctdbAlterTable() function now takes a new mode, CTDB_ALTER_V8DELFLD, to indicate that the table (if re-created) must have the old $DELFLD$ size (CTDB_ALTER_V8DELFLD forces CTCREATE_V8DELFLD during ALTER TABLE).