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Returns FairCom DB SQL current replication statistics.

Result Set Fields (2)

Description VARCHAR(64)



>call fc_get_replstats();


----------- -----

Total successful operations 0

Successful apply operations 1339713297

Successful transaction begins 7233801

Successful transaction aborts 6832485

Successful transaction commits 27

Successful transaction success 19

Successful user-defined entries 30

Successful record adds 20

Successful record updates 25769806224

Successful record deletes 644245094407

Successful physical file opens 42949672970

Successful physical file closes 1134704589799574

Total failed operations 4294967297

Failed apply operations 1

Failed transaction begins 644245094400

Failed transaction aborts 0

Failed transaction commits 0

Failed transaction success 0

Failed record adds 70

Failed record updates 0

Failed record deletes 0

Failed physical file opens 0

Failed physical file closes 0

Log number of current scan pos 0

Offset of current scan pos 0

current status of replication agent 0

current c-tree API function 0

server connection status 0

28 records returned