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c-treeDB API ROWID Options

When using c-treeDB API and FairCom DB SQL, it is possible to encounter situations where c-treeDB API ROWIDs do not match FairCom DB SQL ROWIDs. With c-treeDB API the first ROWID starts with 1 and so on, as this is how the SRLSEG mode works. Conversely, FairCom DB SQL’s ROWIDs start with 0 and so on.

Now the ROWID at the FairCom DB SQL level is “zero” based by default, as it previously was. For backward compatibility with those applications requiring so, it is possible to force the “one” based option, identical to c-treeDB API, with the following FairCom Server configuration keyword:


Refer to the Appendix Configuration Keywords for a complete list of FairCom DB SQL-specific keywords.