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Server-Side Connection Pooling

Connection pooling is a mechanism for pooling existing connections so they can be reused by subsequent clients. The connection and disconnection process adds a substantial amount of overhead to a SQL client performing a transaction. FairCom DB SQL offers options to enable connection pooling. This reuse of existing connections can provide significant increases in performance with your existing FairCom DB SQL ODBC and JDBC client applications.

SETENV DH_ENABLE_POOL=y enable the connection pooling

SETENV DH_POOL_SIZE=#n #n of pooled connections. ;1<#n<=100

These performance gains can be demonstrated in the simple test case of a client connecting and disconnecting repeatedly with a small amount of work performed during each connection. In one example, the client gained a 100% reduction in total application time. This feature offers potentially enormous gains in performance for applications with clients that perform repeated connects and disconnects.