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Environment Variables

FairCom DB SQL can set environment variables for the server process on startup. This functionality is implemented via the keyword SETENV. For example, the FairCom DB SQL looks at the CLASSPATH to find required classes for proper operation of the server. When the FairCom DB SQL is running as a Windows 32-bit versions Service, FairCom DB SQL is launched automatically by the SCM (Service Control Manager) when the computer starts up. Setting the CLASSPATH via a keyword eliminates the manual operation of setting environment variables. The syntax is as follows:

SETENV <var>=<value>

Where var is the environment variable and value is the setting. For example:


The input line length for the server configuration file is 1024 to allow for very long configuration values.

The FairCom DB SQL considers existing environment variables during startup processing for the Java environment used with stored procedures. The following variables are used in the FairCom DB SQL configuration file, ctsrvr.cfg, to set the parameters for the Java JVM and compiler. These configurations are required for FairCom DB SQL Stored Procedures, Triggers, and User Defined Functions:





When these values are not explicitly set within the server configuration file, the server considers existing system environment variables. This feature simplifies setup and configuration changes for FairCom DB SQL Stored Procedures. Refer to the Appendix Server Configuration Keywords for a complete list of FairCom DB SQL-specific keywords.