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Case-Sensitivity Options

Sorting of fetched rows is performed as a case sensitive operation. Some applications may require sorting that should, instead, be case insensitive with NULL values appearing first in the sort. For example, the values “a, Z, B, g, NULL” should be sorted as “NULL, a, B, g, Z”.

A feature is available such that a database can be implied to be case sensitive (current default) or case insensitive. When a database is enabled as case insensitive, the sorting, comparisons and identifier will be considered case insensitive.

This feature is activated with the FairCom DB SQL configuration keyword


This should be done before creating the template database. Once the template database is created, ALL the databases will have the same settings of the template.

When using case insensitive searches, all search conditions, sorting and grouping is done in a case insensitive manner. Metadata and character indexes are also considered to be case insensitive. Case insensitivity is enabled on a database by database basis.