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FairCom DB SQL with Callbacks

The introduction of the c-treeDB API Callback feature into FairCom DB SQL makes possible an easy and transparent translation of customers’ existing ISAM or low-level native data to a data format that is compatible with FairCom DB SQL requirements.

The key advantage of this implementation is the callback feature can be used with standard production FairCom DB SQL. If the callback dynamic library is not present, FairCom DB SQL performs normally as before. When the callback dynamic library is present FairCom DB SQL will automatically load the dynamic callback library every time a new FairCom DB SQL user logon is performed.

The current implementation of the FairCom DB SQL Callback library makes use of a configuration file as there is no practical way to detect which CT_INT4 fields are actually a MYTIME field or a CT_INT4 field. The configuration file is loaded automatically by the dynamic library.