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Overview of the FairCom DB SQL Migration SDK

Many customers have a long history using FairCom’s ISAM and low-level APIs. With the introduction of the additional capabilities of the FairCom DB SQL, there are many users who would like to migrate their existing c-tree applications and data to take advantage of this powerful new SQL technology. The rich flexibility given to database architects through the years with c-tree now presents a challenge when moving to the standards-driven SQL interface.

This SDK is provided to assist in the migration of existing ISAM tables for use with FairCom DB SQL. Unlike the FairCom DB SQL Import Utility (ctsqlimp), which makes only existing tables accessible through SQL, the migration SDK physically relocates data files for use with FairCom DB SQL. It is important to note the migrated new tables could very well not be accessible with your existing ISAM application. If you have requirements to share data between existing ISAM applications and FairCom DB SQL you should consider using the FairCom DB SQL Import Utility in place of the FairCom DB SQL Migration SDK.

With modifications, the FairCom DB SQL Migration Utility can do data transformations, filtering and other changes to the data files which may be required with a migration from ISAM to SQL. Source code is provided and callback “hooks” are available to the advanced user to implement these capabilities. This requires a certain level of programming ability. The migrate utility does not update indexes during the data transfer but does attempt to rebuild the indexes after moving the records.