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Query Timeout Options

FairCom DB SQL supports a timeout option for an executing query. This feature can ensure that an unintended query statement does not consume excessive processing time.

With FairCom DB ODBC you can set the query timeout value for the statement with the SQLSetStmtAttr() FairCom DB ODBC API function and the SQL_ATTR_QUERY_TIMEOUT parameter set to the number of seconds to wait for the query to execute before returning to the application. A value of 0 indicates no timeout value, which is also the default. The following example code will set a query timeout value of five seconds for the referenced statement handle.

ODBC Example

/* Set the Query timeout to 5 seconds */

SQLSetStmtAttr(hstmt, (void*)SQL_ATTR_QUERY_TIMEOUT, 5, 0);

Using ODBC through ADO.NET, you can specify the OdbcConnection.CommandTimeout property to set a query timeout value on an ODBC statement as demonstrated with the following syntax.

ODBC via ADO.NET Example

OdbcConnection myConnection = new OdbcConnection();

myConnection.ConnectionString = "DSN=c-treeSQL ODBC Database";


OdbcCommand oc = new OdbcCommand("SELECT TOP 50000 FROM my_big_table WHERE this < that AND this_string = 'that_string' ORDER BY foo”, myConnection);

// Set a query timeout of 5 seconds.

oc.CommandTimeout = 5;





catch (Exception ex)


// Log some error