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General ODBC and SQL Support Levels

The FairCom ODBC Drivers available with FairCom DB V12 (including c-treeRTG V3 and FairCom Edge V3) are compliant with ODBC V3.52.

ODBC specifies general conformance levels in two areas:

  • ODBC application programming interface (API). FairCom DB SQL supports all Core and Level 1 ODBC API functions, and most Level 2 functions.
  • ODBC SQL syntax. FairCom DB SQL supports Extended SQL syntax.

The rest of this chapter provides more detail on that support. Specifically, it details the information the FairCom DB ODBC driver returns when applications call the following functions:

  • SQLGetInfo() returns various details about the driver and its data source
  • Environment, connection, and statement attribute functions return or specify attributes of driver behavior
  • SQLGetFunctions() returns ODBC functions the driver supports
  • SQLGetTypeInfo() returns data types the driver supports