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FairCom MQTT Plug-in Reference


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Using MQTT to persist data in the the c-treeEDGE IIoT Hub


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This book is a reference to the operations you will use to persist data using the FairCom MQTT support.

Configuring the MQTT Plug-in provides important information you will need if you have not yet set up the MQTT Plug-in.

c-treeEDGE MQTT Operation Support is your "quick guide" to the operations you will use to create, modify, and delete Persistence Topics.

Tutorial for MQTT: Configuring a Persistence Topic explains how to configure a persistence topic.

Details are provided about each of the supported operations:

CreatePersistenceTopic and AlterPersistenceTopic - This section also lists useful reference material:

Rename Persistence Topic

Delete Persistence Topic

Pause Persistence Topic

Resume Persistence Topic


c-treeEDGE and MQTT

To learn more about the basic concepts of FairCom's MQTT support, see the c-treeEDGE IIoT Hub Concepts Guide and the c-treeEDGE IIoT Hub Reference Guide.

For more information about MQTT, see:


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Configuring the MQTT Plug-in

c-treeEDGE MQTT Operation Support