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c-tree Error 12: FNOP_ERR

Error description:
Could not open file: not there or locked.

Possible causes:

  1. The specified filename or path is incorrect (no file by that name exists).
  2. The specified file is already open using a file access mode that conflicts with the specified access mode. For example, if the file is open in EXCLUSIVE mode, attempting to open the file in SHARED mode fails (and vice-versa).
  3. The server does not have the appropriate permission to access the file (for example the file is marked read-only or system file security attributes are set to disallow access by the user and group under which the server is running).

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify that the specified filename and path are correct. Note that filenames on some operating systems are case-sensitive. If using ISAM open functions, it is possible that the data file open succeeded but an index file open failed. Check the isam_fil global variable to determine which file open failed. Try opening the data and index files individually using low-level functions to determine which open fails.
  2. Check the c-tree global variable sysiocod. If it is set to -8 (FCNF_COD), this indicates that the open failed due to conflicting access modes.
  3. Check the file permissions to verify that the c-tree Server has the appropriate file access permissions (read/write access is usually what is required).
  4. If the failed open occurs on a superfile member, verify that the member exists using the c-tree Plus API function GetSuperFileNames() and that the member name is specified exactly as it appears in the superfile directory index (member names are always case-sensitive).