FairCom EDGE HUB Concepts

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Where Does It Run?

FairCom EDGE HUB is software that runs on almost all operating systems, such as Windows, Windows IoT, Linux, MacOS, Raspbian. It also runs on most computers with 32-bit and 64-bit Intel and ARM processors, such as the Raspberry Pi, industrial PCs, laptops, and high-end servers. It also runs on specific PLCs, such as the Siemens Simatic Nanobox and the Rockwell Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5480 Controllers.

You can run FairCom EDGE HUB anywhere, directly in the factory, in a remote data center, and in the cloud. You can create mesh networks across multiple FairCom EDGE HUBs to create highly scalable and reliable solutions within and across manufacturing facilities.

Running a mesh network of FairCom EDGE HUBs inside each factory delivers higher reliability and faster response times than IoT solutions in the cloud. All cloud capabilities are still available because FairCom EDGE HUB inside factories can fully integrate with IoT solutions in the cloud. This provides you with the best of breed solution without compromising reliability and real-time processing.