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FairCom EdgeHUB Concepts

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What Does It Do?

The FairCom EdgeHUB connects factory devices and enables them to communicate with the IoT Hub and with each other in real time with high reliability. Because FairCom Edge is in the middle of communications, OT engineers can intercept communications and enhance them to improve manufacturing processes in real time.

The FairCom EdgeHUB makes it easy to do the following with manufacturing equipment, devices, sensors, and processes:

  • Create feedback loops
  • Process alerts
  • Monitor trends
  • Enhance manufacturing processes in real time with machine learning, artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs, analytics
  • Implement high speed custom processing
  • Collect data for local processing and for delivery to other systems, such as monitoring applications, data warehouses, data lakes, cloud providers, IT applications, etc.

FairCom EdgeHUB makes it easy to automatically collect data from factory equipment and make it immediately available to applications, application integration platforms, and data integration solutions running on-premise and in the cloud.

Data is collected reliably because it is collected locally by the FairCom EdgeHUB in the factory.

Data is delivered reliably because the FairCom EdgeHUB caches locally collected data and ensures it is delivered reliably to other systems running in private data centers and in the public cloud.

Designed for Operational Technology

FairCom EdgeHUB is a low code solution specifically designed for Operational Technology (OT) engineers. It provides a web based graphical user interface that makes it easy to configure and manage integrations.

FairCom EdgeHUB also provides a simple declarative way to state what you want in JSON, which OT engineers can send directly to the FairCom EdgeHUB over MQTT. This makes it easy to write scripts in your favorite language to automate the configuration, deployment, and operations of FairCom EdgeHUB.

Complex tasks can be done easily with little-to-no code using Node-RED, which is a low code programming tool for wiring together processes across the FairCom EdgeHUB, devices, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and online cloud services. Node-RED is integrated with FairCom EdgeHUB and can be used to automate FairCom EdgeHUB processes and visualize results.

Very complex, real-time processes can be written in C or C++ and easily plugged into FairCom EdgeHUB. External applications can also be written in any language to control the HUB, such as Java, Python, Node.JS, JavaScript, C#, VB, etc. There is no practical limit to what can be done to extend the capabilities of the IIoT Hub. FairCom provides Professional Services for this purpose and you can create your own plug-ins.