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Planned Features

This section lists features on the roadmap of FairCom Full-Text Search. If you have specific interest in one of these features, or have ideas for an additional feature, please let us know.

SQL - The FairCom R&D team is presently finishing FTS support for the FairCom DB Direct SQL, ODBC, and JDBC APIs.

"Up-to-Date" Status for Async FTS Updates (not implemented) - When FTI indexing is run asynchronously, a function will indicate the status of the FTI to show if it is up-to-date or not.

Term-Prefix Searches (a limited form of a wildcard search) (not implemented) - Query for all documents containing a term with the prefix "lin". This will match all documents that contain "linux", but also those that contain terms "linear", "linker", "linguistic" and so on.


SELECT * FROM docs WHERE docs MATCH 'lin*';

c-treeDB (pseudo code):


Query Expressions (AND, OR, NOT) (only AND is implemented) - OR, as well as well as complex search expressions, such as the following will be deferred until a later development phase:

' ("faircom database" OR "faircom library") AND linux'

Offsets (not implemented) - The offsets() function returns a text value containing a series of space-separated integers. For each term in each phrase match of the current row, integers are returned to provide the location of the matched term.

Snippet (not implemented) - The snippet function is used to create formatted fragments of document text for display as part of a full-text query results report.

Index Attributes (not implemented) - It is often necessary to process Full-Text Search results based on a number of additional values. For example, one might search news within a specified date range, or limit the search to articles signed by selected authors. To efficiently accomplish this, c-tree will allow specifying a number of additional attributes to each record, and storing their values in the Full-Text Index. It is then possible to use stored values as search criteria during the index search itself as opposed to processing them after retrieving the record through the Full Text Index search using a c-tree filter.