dbExpress Driver (dBX)

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c-treeACE SQL dbExpress

Embarcadero's dbExpress provides developers superb database connectivity from their applications. dbExpress is a set of lightweight database drivers providing fast access to SQL database servers. When you deploy a c-treeACE SQL database application utilizing dbExpress, you need only include the c-treeACE SQL dbExpress Driver dll with the application files you build.

The c-treeACE SQL DBX Interface technology provides the driver necessary to connect to the c-treeACE SQL database engine. Quickly build client applications using the advanced RAD Studio development environment and efficiently access your c-treeACE SQL data through either Delphi or C++Builder.

By no means does this introduction cover the full scope, detail, or flexibility that the dbExpress technology, and c-treeDBX in particular, offers. It does, however, provide a quick glimpse into the advantages of using powerful c-treeACE SQL database technology in combination with a RAD tool. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways for your client application to access c-treeACE SQL. To learn more about dbExpress technology, visit embarcadero's web site or consult the help files of your RAD Studio tools.

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