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The User's Password

The following steps are required for a user to change the password associated with their own User ID:

  1. Run the utility program ctpass as any other program in the environment.
  2. Enter your current User ID.
  3. Enter the current password for your User ID, if you have one. (Maximum 63 characters. Maximum nine characters for V9 and prior).
  4. Continue by entering the current name of the FairCom Server (i.e., the default name or another name, supplied in the FairCom Server configuration file).
  5. Now change your password by entering the new password.
  6. To be sure to enter the new password, you may be asked to enter it twice before it will be accepted. If the same name is not entered both times, try again.

Note: Whenever input is requested, the user may enter a question mark (?) to receive HELP.

After the new password is entered and confirmed, a message saying your User ID password has been successfully updated will be displayed. After being updated successfully, the new password must be used with the User ID to log on to the FairCom Server.

Note: All users can change their own passwords. In addition, users who are members of the ADMIN group can change the password of all accounts that are not members of the ADMIN group. Only the super ADMIN account (named ADMIN) can change a password for an account that is a member of the ADMIN group.