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A server crash triggered by the Windows Exception Handler now defaults to generating a full dump (similar to a Unix core), while other diagnostic stack trace generation creates a smaller dump without heap memory. Prior to this change, a full dump was only generated if DIAGNOSTICS FULL_DUMP was enabled. A new server keyword has been added to control stack generation:

  • OFF - Disables all diagnostic stack generation (available on Windows & unix systems).
  • STACK_ONLY - all diagnostic stack generation is stack only (available on Windows & unix systems).
  • CONTEXT - Default. Special diagnostic situations may trigger a full dump. (behaves as STACK_ONLY on unix)
  • FULL_DUMP - All stack generation triggers a full dump (behaves as STACK_ONLY on Unix)

STACK_DUMP FULL_DUMP is equivalent to the preexisting keyword DIAGNOSTICS FULL_DUMP on Windows. DIAGNOSTICS FULL_DUMP should be considered deprecated, and may be removed in future versions.

The server admin can change STACK_DUMP during runtime.

Compatibility Note: This is a Behavior Change.