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Scheduling a Database Backup

There are two ways to schedule dynamic dumps:

Server Configuration

The FairCom Server configuration file may be used to schedule dynamic dumps. In the configuration file, the keyword DUMP is followed by the name of the script file defining the dump. The path to this script is relative to the server's working directory.

Dynamic Dump Utility

The dynamic dump utility, ctdump, is a separate utility for the Administrator to use at any time while the server is active.

To schedule an ad hoc dynamic dump with ctdump use the following procedure:

  1. While FairCom DB is running, start the utility program ctdump as any other program in the environment.
  2. Enter the password for the ADMIN administrator account.
  3. Enter the current FairCom Server name (if assigned a different name than the default). See Basic Configuration Options for information on SERVER_NAME.
  4. Enter the name (with path if necessary) of the dynamic dump script file.

The FairCom Server confirms that it has scheduled the requested dynamic dump.

Once a dynamic dump has completed, files may be used for Dump Recovery and/or Rollback.