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Wildcards Exclude and Include Files in Backups

The backup script already supports wildcard file names to easily specify a set of files to be backed up. A frequent situation is having a directory of many files and wanting to exclude several files from a backup. For example, some files are transient in nature and are frequently re-created with no need to be included in a backup. It was requested if this ability could be easier managed with file exclusion capability.

V11.9 and later now provides!EXCLUDE_FILES. This option excludes files from the backup that match wildcard specifications.

  • !EXCLUDE_FILES must be specified before the !FILES section in the dump script.
  • !EXCLUDE_FILES also applies to the !NONCTREEFILES list of files.


Back up all files matching *.dat and *.idx except for files that match test.*.

Reminder: !FILES and !EXCLUDE_FILES must go on a line all by themselves

!DUMP backup.fcb