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Tool Tray Interface

When the server configuration file contains the CONSOLE TOOL_TRAY keyword, the FairCom Server starts in background, displaying only a FairCom DB icon in the Windows tool tray. This feature is especially nice for ‘simple’ user sites, with no system administrative expert. Although more sophisticated sites will prefer running the FairCom Server as a service, this feature gives a similar ‘service-like’ background effect, without the user needing to learn Windows service administration.

Add the following keyword to your server configuration file, ctsrvr.cfg:


This keyword is not supported when the server is running as a service.

The FairCom Server for Windows accepts the ‘&’ symbol, (“^&” for Windows Server), as a command line parameter to execute in CONSOLE TOOL_TRAY mode. The following example launches the server in “background-tool-tray” mode:

C:\server> faircom &


C:\server> ctsrvr &