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Copying FairCom Server Controlled Files

WARNING: FairCom Server controlled files should only be copied, moved, or deleted when FairCom DB is shut down. Copying, moving, or deleting files while FairCom DB is in operation can lead to unpredictable errors and data integrity concerns and is never advised.

When a file open is attempted, FairCom DB checks if either a file with the same name is open, or if a file with the same unique ID is open. In either case, the match means a physical file open is not required. Instead, the open count for the file is incremented. The unique file ID permits different applications and/or client nodes to refer to the same file with different names, i.e., different drive or path mappings. However, if two different files have the same ID, problems arise because the second file will not actually be opened. The ID is constructed so that no two files could have the same ID unless someone copies one file on top of another.

When a file without a matching name matches the unique file ID, FairCom DB attempts to determine if they are actually different files. If so, it automatically generates a new unique ID for the file. In either case, a message to the system console indicates the names of the two files involved. If this information is not critical to your operation, suppress this message by adding the following entry to the FairCom DB configuration file: