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Group Definitions

Group definition operations available in ctadmn are as follows:

  • Add New Group by:
    • Entering a new Group ID.
    • (optional) Entering a long name (i.e., a text string) for use as a Group Description (e.g., to display, where the Group ID may be too terse).
    • (optional) Entering a Group Memory Allocation, which is a maximum memory allocation for Users who are a member of this particular Group, and will override maximum memory allocations set at the server-level (for any user).
  • Remove an Existing Group ID.
  • List Groups: List all current Group IDs and descriptions.
  • Change Group Membership: Add or remove User IDs from a given Group.
  • Change Group Description: Change the long name for the Group ID.
  • Change Group Memory: Change the maximum amount of server memory user in a given group can consume.
  • Change Group Logon Limit: Limit users to a specified number of concurrent logons based on their group membership. By default, the limit is zero, meaning no limit.