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Two Kinds of Groups

The FairCom Server maintains a GUEST group, to which User IDs are associated if they are not assigned to any Administrator-defined Group ID. This means every User ID is associated with at least one group (i.e., the GUEST Group or a Group ID).

The Administrator can create any number of Groups each of which has a Group ID, a text description (for display), a memory allocation specification, and a list of User IDs associated with the Group ID. As noted, the Administrator can associate a given User ID with as many as 128 Group IDs. A GUEST User cannot be associated with any Group IDs; instead, the FairCom Server automatically assigns a GUEST User to the GUEST Group.

Group IDs can be up to 31 characters long. Characters can be letters, numbers, or punctuation marks. Group IDs are not case-sensitive (i.e., upper and lower case characters are treated as the same).