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User ID and Membership in Groups

The Administrator can establish groups of any sort (e.g., a payroll group, a shipping room group, a data entry group) and associate each User ID to as many as 128 of these groups. For example, User ID “B.Smith” could be a member of Group ID “Payroll”. These connections are ordered, from the “1st” to “Nth” group membership, where N is a maximum of 128.

If the Administrator does not assign a given User ID to a group, the FairCom Server automatically assigns that User ID to a special group with the GUEST Group ID. In addition, the special GUEST User ID is automatically assigned to the GUEST group.

A primary (i.e., default) group is always defined for each User ID. This is either the Group ID for the first association or, if no Administrator established associations, the GUEST group. For instance, number 1 on the list of 128 possible connections between the user and groups set up by the Administrator.

These group mechanisms are important in connection with the file permission masks. See Groups for more information.