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FairCom DB ODBC Data Sources

Invoke the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Select FairCom DB SQL from the list of installed system DSN drivers and fill in the dialog fields as shown below:

  • Data Source Name (DSN) - Local name for FairCom DB SQL data source
  • Description - Optional descriptive text.
  • Host, Database, User ID, and Password - The driver uses these values if the application does not supply them. If no you leave these blank, the user is prompted when the application connects.
  • Service
  • Default Fetch Size - Size (in bytes) used to fetch multiple rows from the server reducing network requests resulting in performance gains. Connection string attribute FETCH_SIZE=[ bytes ] *

    Default - 5000

  • Default Query Timeout - Query Timeout (in seconds) Connection string attribute: QUERY_TIMEOUT=[ number of seconds ] *
  • Preserve Cursor - Yes or No depending on your application requirements.
  • Client Character Set - Client character set.
  • Options - Optional FairCom DB SQL specific parameters (Refer to online documentation).

* Connection string settings take precedence over defined DSN values.