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Support for setting an expiration date for a password on a user account

In V11.6 and later, FairCom Server supports setting an expiration date on a user account password. When a user account's password has expired, attempting to log on to the user account fails with error 1116 (PWDEXP_ERR). This feature is available in the ctadmn and sa_admin utilities and in the SECURITY() API function with mode of SEC_CHANGE_USER_XINFO (change user extended information).

When calling SECURITY() with mode of SEC_CHANGE_USER_XINFO, set the passvaliddays field of the FC_UVAL structure to the password validity period in days. A value of zero sets no password expiration. The complete FC_UVAL structure is now:

FC_UVAL Structure

typedef struct {

TEXT userid[32];

ULONG begstamp; /* beginning date for valid user logon */

ULONG endstamp; /* last valid date for user logon */

LONG lgonover; /* limit on consecutive logon failures */

LONG reserved;

ULONG rsmstamp; /* temporary logon block */

LONG lgonfail; /* current number of failed login attempts*/

ULONG lgonany; /* last logon attempt date */

ULONG lgonok; /* last successful login date */

ULONG lgonbad; /* last failed login date */

LONG lgonoknum; /* Total number of successful logins(ever)*/

LONG lgonbadnum; /* Total number of failed logins(ever) */

ULONG disstamp; /* when logon was disabled */

LONG lgonmust; /* user must login within this period */

ULONG lastpasschg; /* time of last change to password */

ULONG passvaliddays; /* number of days that password is valid */

TEXT resrv[92];