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Dynamic Dump status and error messages

The dynamic dump client notification option sends a status message to the client when a file listed in the dump script fails to be opened (e.g., error 13 or 14).

The message for error 442 for the ctdump utility prints a message when the dump completes but some files can't be included in the dump (error 442).

An option (-m) was added to the ctdump utility to show minimal output (suppressing the % complete output).

Sample output:

# ctdump -u ADMIN -p ADMIN -s FAIRCOMS -t dump.scr -n -m

FairCom DB(tm) Version Dynamic Backup Utility

Copyright (C) 1992 - 2016 FairCom Corporation


Reading dump stream from server with buffer size of 100000

Error: Failed to back up file atomrd.idx: error code 13.

Start dump. Estimated dump size: 94769152

Successfully backed up file atomrd.dat. File size: 65536

Successfully backed up file mark.dat. File size: 56868864

Successfully backed up file mark.idx. File size: 37814272

Successfully backed up file S0000000.FCS. File size: 128

Successfully backed up file S0000001.FCS. File size: 128

Successfully backed up file L0000529.FCS. File size: 2040

End dump. Actual dump size: 94779392

Dynamic dump completed, but some files could not be backed up.

Dynamic Dump completed, but some files could not be backed up (..\dump.scr). See Server Operation Log: CTSTATUS.FCS (442)