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File ID Overflow

Each time a transaction controlled c-tree data file or index file is opened, the value of its file ID number is increased. If your system has a large number of files, this value can increase a fair amount with each day of processing.

  • The upper limit for this value is: 4,294,963,200

    If the upper limit is hit, the Server process will shut down.

  • The value at which a “Pending File ID Overflow” warning message first appears is: 4,227,858,432

    The message “Pending File ID Overflow” will be written to CTSTATUS.FCS. A new entry will be logged every time another 10,000 numbers are used.

    From the time the first warning message appears, you have at most 67,104,768 additional data file and index file opens before this value hits this limit.

When the transaction file numbers have been exhausted, error 534 and the following message will be logged in CTSTATUS.FCS:

- User# 00018 Pending File ID overflow: 534

- User# 00018 O18 M18 L58 F-1 Pfffff003x (recur #1) (uerr_cod=534)

If you get error 534, you must do a transaction log reset.

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