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Configuration Considerations

The configuration options provided by FairCom DB offer considerable control over parameters that affect caching and performance. By adjusting these settings to suit the needs of your individual files, you can fine tune the system for the optimal tradeoff between performance and data integrity.

The chart below shows how to configure your system for your needs:




Fast & Scary

Performance is everything and data recovery is not a consideration (e.g., temporary information, such as session settings, etc.).

Do not use these settings for critical data.

No transaction processing.


Good trade-off between performance and recoverability.

No transaction processing or PreImage transaction processing.

  • Call ctflush periodically to ensure files are written to disk.
  • Use a small cache size to reduce data loss.

Safety First

When recoverability is crucial and performance is a secondary consideration (e.g., mission-critical records, financial data, billing information, etc.).

Full transaction processing.

  • Increase the CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL for more performance.
  • Use LOG_TEMPLATE to speed up creation of logs.
  • Set the size of the log files (LOG_SPACE).
  • Adjust commit delay for best performance without sacrificing recoverability.