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Advanced FairCom DB Server Features

The FairCom Server supports high-level database management, including:

  • client/server computing - Increases performance and provides the ability to maintain database integrity, especially in multi-user environments. The basic principle of client/server computing is: applications, or “clients”, interact with the server, which manages file operations and communicates with clients.
  • online transaction processing (OLTP) - The FairCom Server can group a specified set of operations, called a “transaction,” and ensure either all of them are done or, if there is a problem, none will be done, e.g., either all of an invoice is processed, or none of it.
  • security controls - FairCom Server access is controlled with user IDs, passwords, file permissions, and encryption. Users and files may be added to Administrator defined “groups”, e.g., shipping department, payroll department.
  • database maintenance and utilities - The FairCom Server automatically saves necessary information for use in automatic or Administrator-specified backups and recovery from problems.
  • configuration flexibility - From basics such as which communication protocol the FairCom Server uses and memory allocations to enforce for specific users, to a wide range of advanced controls.

By choosing FairCom DB database technology, you obtain high performance, absolute data integrity, and scores of advanced features solving many database challenges. Here are just some of the advanced options available:

  • ACID Transaction Processing Engine for Complete OLTP Support
  • Automatic Transaction Recovery
  • Robust Multithreaded Performance
  • Secure Client Connections
  • Replication
  • (Dynamic) Hot Alter Table
  • Dynamic "Hot' Backups
  • Roll-forward restorations
  • Full-Text Search
  • Advanced Data Encryption
  • Data Compression
  • Memory Files
  • Partitioned Files
  • Deadlock Free Locking
  • Advanced Data and Index Cache Controls
  • Small Footprint
  • Administrative Tools