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When a partition member purge fails with error 718, this enables the filename and list of open instances of that file to be logged to CTSTATUS.FCS. Below is an example. For each connection we list the task ID, user name, node name, and user file number.

Mon Dec 12 12:40:33 2011

- User# 00012 PT_ADMIN: purge failed, partition .\ctreesql.dbs\admin_pt.20111129.015307.dat is open (2 open instances):

Mon Dec 12 12:40:39 2011

- User# 00012 PT_ADMIN: Connection 16: ADMIN(SQL:CTREESQL) 64

Mon Dec 12 12:40:44 2011

- User# 00012 PT_ADMIN: Connection 17: ADMIN(SQL:CTREESQL) 45

A process stack is also created when this occurs. This option can also be enabled via SETCONFIG() and through the ctadmn utility.