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FairCom DB is designed to permit automatic recovery and rollbacks to properly handle deleted and renamed transaction dependent files (TRANDEP) without requiring the SKIP_MISSING_FILES configuration to be enabled. Situations can occur where a TRANDEP file has been physically deleted (by a system call, for example) that will interfere with a transaction rollback during automatic recovery.

If SKIP_MISSING_FILES is active, then the rollback should succeed even with the missing file, however, should only ignore missing files for which there is a transaction controlled explanation such as a file delete or file rename.

The recovery process was modified such that a CLSTRAN log entry will attempt to open the file (if it is not already opened). Upon detecting a CLSTRAN entry triggers putting a missing file on the list of missing files. To revert to the original behavior, the server configuration keyword, COMPATIBILITY NO_CLSTRAN_OPEN is provided.

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