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Specifies the maximum number of failed IO_ERROR_BLOCK_SIZE-sized I/O operations that must occur before the I/O operation is considered to have failed. If the IO_ERROR_BLOCK_SIZE-sized I/O operations that are being attempted for a particular I/O operation fail more than <retries> times, the FairCom Server writes a READ_ERR (36) or WRITE_ERR (37) message to CTSTATUS.FCS and considers the I/O operation to have failed.

A value of -1 signifies infinite retries. The default is 0, which means that the I/O operation is tried only once in IO_ERROR_BLOCK_SIZE-sized blocks, and if any of these I/O operations fails, the entire I/O operation is considered to have failed. As another example, if IO_ERROR_BLOCK_RETRY is set to 20 and IO_ERROR_BLOCK_SIZE is set to 65536, if a 327680-byte write is retried as 5 65536-byte write operations, then the I/O operation fails if there are 20 failures to perform those 5 write operations.

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