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DH_THREAD_STACK_SZ_KB sets the thread stack size in kilobytes on Unix/Linux (non-Windows) systems. Each operating system defaults to its own stack size. The system administrator should determine this value from the OS documentation should the value be required.

The default thread stack size for the FairCom DB ISAM server on Unix systems is now 64 KB. The default thread stack size for FairCom DB SQL is 1.5 MB on SCO Unix and 1 MB on other Unix systems. The default thread stack size is 1 MB for both FairCom DB SQL and FairCom DB ISAM Servers on Windows systems.

At server startup, FairCom DB logs the following message to CTSTATUS.FCS, to identify the thread stack size that the server is using on Unix systems.

Set thread stack size to <stack_size>

Note: This keyword only applies to FairCom DB Servers on non-Windows (Unix/Linux) systems.