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I/O Block Sizes with Windows Systems

When the IO_ERROR_BLOCK_SIZE configuration option is specified in the FairCom Server configuration file, if a disk read or write operation fails with system error 1450 (Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service), the server retries the I/O operation using the specified block size. If the retried I/O operation also fails with error 1450 (or if a disk I/O operation fails with error 1450 and IO_ERROR_BLOCK_SIZE is not specified in the server configuration file), FairCom DB now logs the following message to CTSTATUS.FCS:

<op_code>: loc <location> file <filename> offset <offset> iosize <iosize> syserr <errcod>


  • <op_code> is READ_ERR (36, indicating that a read operation failed) or WRITE_ERR (37, indicating that a write operation failed)
  • <location> is the location in the code where the I/O operation failed
  • <filename> is the name of the file for which the I/O operation was requested
  • <offset> is the offset of the failed I/O operation
  • <iosize> is the size of the failed I/O operation
  • <errcod> is the system error code for the failed I/O operation

An internal write call was modified to ensure that when the IO_ERROR_BLOCK_SIZE configuration option is used, a retried I/O operation is done at the original offset for the I/O operation and that sysiocod is reset to zero before retrying the I/O operation.